About us

ARTICUL was established in 1993 (then Coppa, later joined by Riga Chair factory) with a focus on producing high quality, well designed, ergonomic office chairs. Throughout the years we have vastly expanded our product variety, production methods and know-how, and fulfilled a wide range of furnishing projects for all types of public and private spaces.

How we came to be

Coppa Ltd

Aldis founds Coppa Ltd – an interior design company catering to the sprawling early 90s bisiness environment of Riga.

Riga Chair factory

Coppa Ltd’s sister company starts the production of office chairs, which can soon be found in many offices and Riga Chair factory gradually becomes a household name in Latvia.

The company grows

In the aftermath of 2008, the company adopts a new specialty – moulded plywood production, which is of interest in the Europe, beyond the Latvian market. A fresh, vibrant logo and the Riga Chairs™ trademark is created.

Red Dot

One of the company’s products, the Bloom stool designed by Aldis, gains international recognition by receiving the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Other design accolades soon follow.

Furnishing schools

As the concern for children’s health and posture grows nationally, the company designs an ergonomic classroom chair and enters the market for school furniture, creating modern, mindful and vibrant interiors in many schools and universities in the region. A website – skolai.lv – is created to discuss the significance of a modern learning environment.


A new name to unite it all. With an expansive array of products, projects and specialties that no longer fit under their old names, the large brand family chooses a new common identity – ARTICUL.

After school, nobody was in the need for architects so I decided to start my own company. We started by designing interiors for office spaces, but have grown tremendously since then. I think the main foundation of our success is the fact the we focus on the product and how well it interacts with the user. No made up legends, no excess sugarcoating.

Aldis Circenis


Aldis with Roo rocking toy

Our principles of good design



Good design means that it works, by design.


Uncomplicated and universal things


Good design needs no explanation

Our work

We take pride in the high standard and diligence of our work, always ensuring great quality and customer satisfaction.

Good work needs no explanation

Everyone at Articul completes their job with a high sense of responsibility – you can see it in our results.

Good products need no explanation

There is no need to oversell something that is visibly well made and created with attention to detail.

Good design needs no explanation

Products and services that we provide age well and withstand the test of taste and practical application.

Design starts with a conversation

ARTICUL provides a large variety of design and manufacturing solutions. Come chat with us to find out what we can do for you!

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